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We are often asked, “Just what is Harvest Fest and who is it for?” Well, let me try to answer that question in one sentence. Harvest Fest is a one day, action-packed, spectacular youth event specifically designed to excite, to encourage, to enrich, and to edify the church youth of today!

For the past 20+ years, we have been privileged and thrilled to have church youth groups from all across Michigan, northern Ohio, and Canada join us for one of the most amazing youth events of the fall season. The three exhilarating and exciting game sessions feature carnival-style games and activities along with youth group competitions and tournaments. There is no doubt that these three game sessions will add up to a totally thrilling day of extraordinary excitement for the youth.

This day also features three challenging and life-changing session under one of the largest tents anywhere in Michigan. These three dynamic sessions feature a funny time with skits and songs, special music, and of course, three powerfully challenging messages that will effectively meet, motivate, and truly minister to the unique challenges and needs of the youth of today. By day’s end, and with all the things that transpire at Harvest Fest, it truly is a day that can change the lives of your youth and the dynamics of your group for eternity!

So plan now for your youth group to join with the close to 1,000 that already annually make Harvest Fest one of their most outstanding highlights of the fall season. The date to remember is Saturday, September 26, 2020.

Many great things are already being planned for this extraordinary day! It is destined to be a spectacular day that your youth group will long remember and will definitely not want to miss!  We’ll look forward to seeing y’all at the Farm!



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