Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to come to Harvest Fest?

Each church pays a church registration fee of $40, and each individual pays $25 to come to the event (whether teen or adult sponsor).   


We do offer some discounts for those who register and pay early.  Those discounted prices are: $35 for the church fee and $20 per person as well as receiving one free sponsor for every 10 paid teens.  To receive these discounts we must receive the money online or postmarked by the end of early registration (that date is usually 2 weeks before the day of the event and is on our registration page.)  Only the people who have paid during early registration receive the discount.  If you need to add additional people after early registration ends, that is completely fine, but they will be charged the regular price.  We are not able to extend the early registration discounts past the deadline. 

When does early registration end?

Early registration and all discounts associated with it end about 2 weeks before the event.  The date will be on our registration page.  We are not able to extend the early registration discounts past the deadline. 

How can I pay?

However you decide to pay, make sure that you also submit a registration form unless you are paying at the door.  

Card: If you would like to pay by credit card, you may do so on the registration page. This will be available until the Tuesday before Harvest Fest.  After that we close it down to get our paperwork in order for the event.  (Please note: this is the credit card payment deadline, because we can not take cards on the farm. This is NOT the same as the early registration deadline which ends sooner.)


Check: If you would like to pay by check, please mail that in to our church postmarked by the early registration deadline.  We ask that after that date you just bring your check to the event.  (After early registration, your prices do not change anyways, and this way we don’t have to worry about your check arriving too late.) 

Mailing address:

Attn. Harvest Fest

Trinity Baptist Church

4222 N. Elms Rd.

Flushing, MI 48433


Cash: If you need to pay with cash, this is only accepted on the day of Harvest Fest, so you can pay at the door. 

Do you refund the cost of people who do not come?

We do not offer refunds, but you may substitute another person in that place.   Pay for those who you are sure will attend, and add more if you need to do so. 


Should our teens bring spending money?

Your lunch is included in the cost as well as almost all of our activities, games, and competitions.  We do offer a few concessions areas where you can buy snacks, drinks, and t-shirts; and there are a couple activities that cost a nominal fee (usually about $2 each); these are paintball, bubble soccer, etc. 


Harvest Fest is on a farm, so modest, casual dress is suggested.  Most years you need a sweatshirt or light jacket in the morning, but by afternoon short sleeves are desired.  Also, you should consider that we offer a climbing wall, high ropes course, etc.  You will want to wear clothing that will be modest in those situations if you plan to participate.  Shorts and Tank Tops are discouraged due to the nature of the day’s activities.

How should we dress?

Where/When is Harvest Fest?

Harvest Fest is on a farm, and not at our church building.  The address for the event is: 13209 Duffield Rd Montrose MI 48457 — Our event is always scheduled for the last Saturday in September.  Please plan to arrive between 8 and 9 in the morning and to leave around 5 in the evening. 

What should we expect?

Harvest Fest includes 3 sermon sessions and 3 game sessions.  Some of the game time options are: team competitions such as volleyball, dodge ball, obstacle courses, hay mow swing, etc.; individual competitions such as the Harvest Fest Rally Riders, Pit Stop Challenge, etc.  and many games/activities for groups or individuals such as human foosball, 9 square in the air, the climbing wall, the high ropes course, paintball, bubble soccer, and many more including many carnival style games.  To get a better idea, please check out our video


8:00-9:00 Registration

9:00-9:25 Round-Up Time (Big Tent)

9:25-10:40 Game Time

10:40-11:50 Pulpit Time (Big Tent)

11:50-1:15 Lunch and Games

1:15-2:30 Pulpit Time (Big Tent)

2:30-3:45 Game Time

3:45-5:00 Pulpit Time (Big Tent)

I have additional questions

Please feel free to email with any questions.