Online registration and payment will be available until Tuesday evening during the week of Harvest Fest. After that, it will be closed down so that we can make the packets for those attending.  (Please note: this is the credit card payment deadline because we can not take cards on the farm. This is NOT the same as the early registration deadline which ends sooner.) If you miss this date, you are still more than welcome to attend as well as bring extra people.  They will be $25 each and your church registration fee will be $40 if you have not yet paid it for this year.  Please plan to bring that with you on the day of the event.  We accept only cash or check on the farm.  If you want to pay by card, you must do so before online registration closes.  

Please do not submit a registration form without payment. If you are not ready to pay; please wait and fill out this form when you submit your payment. If you will be paying by check, please mail the form with your check instead of submitting one online. If you have already paid and submitted this form but need to add more people, you may skip the form and go to pay online. When you fill out your donor information put your changes as part of your church name. Examples: Trinity Baptist Church (+ 2 teens) or Trinity Baptist Church (add 2 teens and 1 sponsor)

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Church Address
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Senior Pastor Name
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The first 34 teams will be accepted

Harvest Fest Pricing


Church Registration Fee $35
Teens $20
Sponsors $20 (1 free for every 10 paid teens)


Church Registration Fee $40
Teens $25
Sponsors $25 (no free sponsors)


Harvest Fest Registration Letter Download Printable Form 

Harvest Fest Registration Form  Download Printable Form

Make sure to click submit on your registration before leaving the page to pay online.

Pay Online

If mailing payment, please have it postmarked by the early registration date.  Otherwise it may arrive late.  If you can not make the early registration date, please just bring your payment with you on the day of the event.


* Payment for Church Registration Fee, plus payment for all teens and paying sponsors are non-refundable but may transfer to another person.

Please note: We ask that you do not bring small children as a nursery is not available. If a sponsor is unable to come without bringing children, there will be a $5.00 charge per child to cover the cost of food, etc. for the day. The child must remain with the sponsor and will be his/her responsibility.